Hair Straighteners

Every girl knows what the best flat iron for black hair. It is often referred to as ironing. This device is used by many representatives of the fair sex. With it, you can straighten stubborn bored curls or make smooth smooth hair shiny and give them a well-groomed look.

There is an opinion that the hair becomes dull and brittle due to frequent use of the ironing. And this is partly the case. Manufacturers are constantly releasing new, more advanced models that allow at least to protect the hair from overheating and, as a maximum, to make this procedure also useful for the hair.

That is why, in order to properly identify for yourself the parameters of paramount importance and choose the most suitable model among the great variety of irons on the market, it is important to know the basic characteristics of the device. After all, it is not enough just to buy a hair straightener, it needs to be done correctly and consciously.

The material of the plates is of fundamental importance for understanding the quality and safety of the device. After all, the plates come into contact with the strands of hair and heat them. So, metal plates most strongly destroy the hair structure, because they heat up unevenly. Worse, they have zones in which the temperature can be much higher than in other places. They are called "hot spots." If the hair falls into such a zone, it simply burns out. To prevent this from happening, you need to buy irons that have smooth ceramic plates.

This material is heated evenly, does not burn through the hair. Due to this, it gently and easily slides along the strand, making it silky and shiny. There is only one thing. When leveling hair with the use of an ironing with ceramic plates, it is better not to use any cosmetics, as they can stick to the plates.

In the newer, more modern models of irons, the plates are made of ceramics enriched with special impurities, such as Teflon or tourmaline. They are quite expensive. It is cheaper to order such hair straighteners in the online store, after having studied the characteristics of the models of interest. Especially prized irons, having a ceramic plate with a diamond or titanium coating, as well as containing a whole vitamin moisturizing complex.

Such a complex allows not only straighten hair, but at the same time take care of them. Tourmaline additives when heated emit a stream of ions that saturates the hair and quickly restores their natural protective functions. Teflon allows for straightening hair use conditioners for protection. Diamond coating protects hair from overheating.

Makeup for black girls

The African type of appearance often has full lips, even skin tone and piercing eyes, so there are a million ways to highlight all this beauty. In addition, makeup is a kind of game, self-expression, do not be afraid to experiment, choose bright colors, take a chance!

The foundation

Since it is very important for dark-skinned women to get an even, uniform skin color, perhaps the most important and serious step will be the choice of foundation for make-up. Find a cream that will look natural, even if you have to mix 2 tones. Makeup artists recommend choosing a cream whose shade will be slightly lighter than the skin.
Makeup base should be light, barely perceptible.


Black women often have oily skin. The transparent friable matting powder of professional brands will instantly give the skin a fresh and well-groomed appearance. If you choose powder with a shade, then choose without yellowness or any other shades. You should not hurry with the choice, sometimes good, high-quality powder can replace even the foundation.


Do you think that the effect of blush on black women is somewhat exaggerated? All due to the fact that girls with fair skin have a tendency to reddening, and this is more familiar to us. But when dark-skinned beauties apply blush, it looks very stylish and elegant. The colors that suit the girls of this type are shades of red, peach, coral.

The method that you use when applying blush will show in the end what part of your beautiful face you wanted to emphasize. For example, if you have high cheekbones, apply blush directly on them, if you have slightly plump cheeks and a round face, pull in your cheeks and apply blush on the area between the cheekbones and the lower jaw.


Although contrasting colors and shades are fun, but for dark-skinned women light shades of lipstick are forbidden. It does not make you smart, on the contrary, you will look somewhat painful. Best suited for you wine, brown, terracotta, plum shades and, of course, classic - all red shades of lipstick. Regardless of the color, a transparent lip gloss will make the image sensual, as the owners of dark skin are lucky to have plump lips.


Do not be afraid to focus on the eyes! Your dark skin is like a playground for different shades of shadows. While on light-skinned girls, bright shadows may look vulgar, you can afford to experiment with rich colors.

You can easily create a bronze makeup using the shimmering shades of pumpkin, pink or gold hues. Use a brilliant eyeliner, for example, of silver color, it will perfectly emphasize the eyes and make the look even more alluring. Also black shadows or Smoky Eyes will look seductively on girls with dark skin.